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Foundations Restored Series – Online Streaming

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Foundations Restored Series – Online Streaming Access

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27 reviews for Foundations Restored Series – Online Streaming

  1. Jason Gaskill (verified owner)

    As a convert from atheism, I believe this series could be pivotal in overcoming many obstacles for those who may be interested in the Catholic Faith but are hesitant because of the contradictory claims of many in the modern scientific community. And, as someone who was completely unaware of the Catholic Church’s teachings on Creation, I am pleased to say that Foundations Restored has strengthened my own faith and dispelled many harmful misconceptions.

  2. GuardAmerican (verified owner)


    I have heard many of the arguments in this excellent presentation before, but never so completely, so thoroughly — even astonishingly — presented. I’ve asked a trained geneticist, biologist, and geologist to view the program. All acknowledged Foundations Restored as completely accurate and reliable in its presentations, with the geologist noting newfound discomfort at beliefs he has long held.

    How good is this? I’ve long had problems accepting the “6,000 year” biblical history.

    I don’t, anymore. The arguments supporting the Christian Origin Story are highly credible — from a *scientific* perspective. More so than I ever would have believed.

    I’ve recommended that my parish incorporate this series into their RCIA program. If you have not heard these arguments before, get ready for an eye-opening experience that may very well change the way you view the world, it is that compelling.

    It is a tour de force. Your entire family should watch this presentation, together. Because it is phenomenal.

  3. robertmilan (verified owner)

    Having watched all the videos, this series is not a bunch of crazy fundamentalists pushing the creationist line. This video series uses proven science, philosophy and theology to bring the evolutionary hypothesis to its knees.

    A very well researched and presented series.

    I have recommended Foundations Restored to a number of Catholics.

    Our poor school children have been sold a lie and indoctrinated, all part of a plan to dumb-down our thinking and to view humans as just another species to be disposed of at will. In other words, nothing special about human creation.

    Well this series is convincing and a perfect educational tool to re-wire the thinking of many who have fallen prey to the Cartesian-darwinian lie.

    Great work from the team and thank you for swimming against the tide and for giving us a treasure.

    I loved the series that I ordered both the streaming and hard copy version.

    Do not hesitate to buy, watch and share Foundations Restored.

  4. Jeffory Korson (verified owner)

    I watched the stream version and had to purchase the DVD version also, so I can share this and also use it as a training tool for both CCD classes and for those challenging conversations I have with others in life and at work when they embrace the brainwashing and blind faith in theories that have been proven incorrect time and time again. The structure of the series does very well using documented science to show the theories wrong and also go into not only the errors but where the errors come from and why they were promulgated. Overall rating “Outstanding” and I cannot recommend this enough. It gives the Truth seeker a very good foundation to build upon when combating the modern man mentality built upon deceit.

    God Bless, Viva Cristo Rey!
    Jeff Korson

  5. tenorandsoprano (verified owner)

    Foundations restored is phenomenal!

    I have been very interested in finding various sources of information in opposing the false claims of Darwinian evolution for a few years now.
    What your team have put together here is truly compelling, inspiring and a great hope for the resilience of my home schooled childrens faith going out into the world.

    I pray that it will be seen far and wide and I am personally extremely greatful to everyone who made Foundations restored possible.

    God Bless you all!
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  6. walter.n.odermatt (verified owner)

    I’ve been listening to interesting talks on origins on catholic channels for quite some time and was really looking forward to this series. I liked it very much and will be sharing the content by discussing it with my extended family. Most of them don’t know enough English to watch it for themselves. I liked how deep the program gets into the scientific details. The content is easy to accept for Catholics. I’m not sure if it can be a tool to convert atheists though. One needs to get them thus far that they would spend some time to watch the program. A good trailer geared towards people of no faith but open to facts could be very helpful.
    The only critique I have: All the citations are read by the same person. I don’t have the impression that the narrator deliberately did it, but some of the views came over with a somewhat condescending underline. For example, when the narrator reads a citation mimicking the voice of a woman. Not an issue for the Catholic viewer, but it might hinder the openness of a skeptic for the well-presented facts.
    It would be great if the series could be translated to other languages or at least be provided with subtitles.

  7. colejmj (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this series! FOUNDATIONS RESTORED is simply outstanding. It lays out a solid argument with strong historical, theological, and scientific documentation that the evidence for Darwinian Evolution actually refutes the theory. Like peeling an onion, it shows how society has been duped by the proponents of Darwinism, exposing atheistic roots at every level. This series unravels the layers of lies and distortions and reveals to what extent societal norms and indeed our entire world view has been shaped by the minds of Decartes, Darwin, and others who were hostile to God. Watching the FOUNDATIONS RESTORED series brought to mind my earlier skepticism about Darwinian Evolution, and made me ask why I would seek to limit God: could He not have made everything in an instant? I came to realize that presupposing that development had been slow and gradual is a formula not for explaining how the world and all its creatures came to be, but for eliminating the need for a Creator. Keith Jones was also the producer of another fantastic work, “JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE,” which challenges the Copernican Principle. Together, FOUNDATIONS and JOURNEY unravel a tapestry of deception that spans 5 centuries and has deprived generations of Christians of their faith.


    Thomas V. Cole

  8. stedal63 (verified owner)

    I have just finished viewing the streaming version of the “Foundations Restored” series, which I found a truly remarkable achievement. I have been especially impressed by both its solid scientific background and the deep christian worldview behind it. I really believe it has a great potential for stimulating tech-savvy people to seriously consider the possibility that science and faith are not totally incompatible. That kind of perspective is now lamentably uncommon here in Italy, where the latest advancements in creationist science are basically unknown to almost everybody. I myself, as a traditional catholic with an expertise in electronic engineering, have found several insights provided by the videos quite inspiring.

  9. lisahartpt (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for enlightening us on the falsehood of the theory of evolution, the big bang theory and all the lies fed to us and our children by debunking the unscientific “science” we have learned as truth. My faith, which I always thought was strong, has been strengthened immeasurably, because I now more deeply appreciate God’s immense love and intellect and Omnipotence and all of the greatness of God! How He creates and maintains life, and is intimately involved and connected to us at every moment. I more clearly can see how the false theory of evolution can distance us from our loving Creator, and can cause the loss of faith. It is time to end the deception and return to the Faith of our Fathers.Thank you to all involved in this outstanding work!

  10. tgamerkle (verified owner)

    A truly comprehensive investigation. Intelligently presented. Extensively researched. Inspiring, elucidating, and sobering. I cannot thank you enough for making this series. I pray that God will shower you in blessings for the work you have done for His faithful.

  11. RobbyD (verified owner)

    May the message of this series reach every baptized Catholic! May its proclamation of the Truth work to create hearts ever more open to receive and share the love of the Most Holy Trinity. This work is the real deal, folks.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam,


  12. bryceman101 (verified owner)

    This series is very informative on the philosophical origins of evolutionary theory, which is seldom mentioned in any classroom let alone the sciences. Knowing the history of this philosophy sheds light on the materialistic basis on which Darwinism is founded and dispels the myth that it was built spontaneously from simple observation of nature and a growing interest in the sciences.

    Some of the later episodes get very technical in the terminologies and subject matter, but the arguments are sufficient so far as they are explained. Only experts in the topics can really engage with the evidence, however.

    The only big issue that I’ve noticed is in the presentation. Many of the speakers were filmed seated and visibly reading their lines from behind the camera. Though this does allow for them to be precise in their wording, it does not come off as very compelling or natural as it does in many interview-style documentaries with various experts that are common with this genre.

  13. Peter Caumo (verified owner)

    For serious lovers of God and neighbor the Foundations Restored series is a must-see from beginning to end. I will be viewing it again to better internalize for myself the details provided and will then very possibly purchase the DVD set to help me share it better with others. It struck such a chord of truth in my soul that I already began sharing the website and flyer before even completing my first viewing of the series. To all involved in putting the Foundations Restored series together, you have my deepest gratitude. Thank you and may God bless you all.

    Peter Caumo

  14. Bradford F (verified owner)

    The Kolbe Center and Restoring Truth Ministries have done a profound service to the Chuch with this series. After having finally finished the entire series—and I plan to re-watch it, taking notes this time!—I can say that it is very well researched and clearly presented. The numerous episodes addressing the legitimate and illegitimate findings of the natural sciences were, in particular, very thorough. I kept finding myself saying, “Wow… the emperor is wearing NO clothes!” I do not have words to describe it otherwise. Though I’ve been researching this issue privately for quite some time, the Foundations Restored series brings together the principal points very well. While, as a professional theologian, I would desire to see the contents of episodes III and IV even more thoroughly and systematically addressed, for the intended audience I think they do an admirable job, especially in presenting the Church’s teaching on Sacred Scripture. Again, they really did their homework!

    Some of the stylistic choices made I found excessive or distasteful, although others might have found them more pleasing; I also noticed a small handful of typos over the course of the series, but these do not detract from the wealth of research and analysis presented. Further, as other reviewers have noted, while Episode XII is very informative and important, it is not for young audiences; Episode II also, at least the very end, was hard to watch, even though I knew exactly what was coming (and grateful that it was presented!). Some viewer discretion is advised in these places.

    In sum, the series is very well researched and carefully presented. I will be recommending it to my students, colleagues, and friends. I earnestly hope that the groundbreaking work done to prepare and produce this series may continue and be taken up into academic circles, not only because the need for the recovery of these truths there is so great, but also so that these truths may be further expounded and substantiated with the full rigor of academic discourse, and so deal a tremendous blow to the enemies of God and His Church who dominate the academy.

    God bless you all, and the Virgin protect us!

  15. awapple211047 (verified owner)

    Hi Keith

    Et pax Christi tibi..

    Congratulations to you and your associates on this great work. The presentation of the comprehensive Catholic perspective is greatly needed. I was once of the view that Theistic evolution was theologically acceptable and that, within that framework, we should leave it to “science” to fight it out. After all, paragraph 36 of Humani Generis seemed to me to allow for that view. I progressed by: 1. Discovering the encyclical stating that the Bible is to be interpreted literally except where reason or necessity require otherwise, and 2. Arriving at the certitude that God – the Good, the Beautiful and the True – would not do anything so prosaic as taking monkeys, sucking the animal souls out of them, breathing human souls into them and giving them a physical makeover.

    I think many Catholics – good Catholics – believe as I once believed and relegate Special Creation and Young Earth to the backward and unenlightened beliefs of Protestant Fundamentalists who, by the way, have also done some excellent work on the subject.

    I pray that your great work will become mainstream in the Catholic world.

    Just one whinge: I found several segments difficult to play and a couple I have not yet been able to play at all. I have scanned other reviews and have not found a similar complaint, so perhaps the problem is on my end.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed and holy Easter
    Tony Appleton

  16. jeroenmous (verified owner)

    Wow! To all those who have contributed to this series: Thank you! Although I had already been cured from the microbes-to-man evolution deception before I started watching the series, the FR series has now also converted me from the billions of years deception. I have become convinced of the creation-providence framework and a relatively young earth (and universe) and its central position in the universe as well. The latter being a ‘side effect’ of the series. In the episode (VIII) on the big bang cosmology, I heard from Dr. Wolfgang Smith and that lead me to the movie “The Principle” that, in addition to the FR series and episode VIII, was also a roller coaster experience: observation of the CMB (cosmic microwave background) with the most advanced techniques shows that the Earth is the center of the universe! I read another comment ‘complaining’ a bit about the lengthiness of the series and that the speakers seem to speak rather scripted. The latter I can understand, because of the seriousness of the issue and the need for proper wording (and besides, it obviously is not a big budget Hollywood production). To anyone who would appreciate a shorter introduction, I would recommend the YT channel “Is Genesis History” and watch their film. And then come back to Foundations Restored, for an even more in-depth study and Catholic perspective. I really appreciated the many quotations from Church Fathers and Magisterial teachings. The only problem is that I have now become so exited about the Truth of God’s Word and His even more awesome Majesty than I imagined before, that I cannot wait to see the castle of lies that has been erected the past few centuries, and has brought the Church to near ruin, to come crashing down. 15 years ago, I was losing my faith over this question: “how can God allow man to drift so far away from Him and let so many souls be swept away in the deluge of false ideology?” It made me think He didn’t care anymore, and had left us to ruin ourselves. And thus, it wouldn’t make sense to try to find Him anymore. Just over a year ago I returned to the faith and the Church, and I am again so enthusiastic and eager to see ‘things’ happening; a paradigm shift in the worlds understanding; a return to the faith of many, especially my loved ones, that my only fear is that I cannot stand it when the current status quo endures. Come Lord Jesus come!
    Jeroen Mous
    The Netherlands

  17. giertychmaciej (verified owner)

    I studied the 17 presentations in the Foundations Restored series with great interest. It is an excellent presentation of all the serious scientific arguments against the theory of evolution. Any respectable scientist should agree that there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of evolution, the big bang, the stratigraphic column, the isotopic dating techniques for rocks and that all the supposed evidence for evolution presented in school textbooks are myths. There are many anti-evolutionary texts that can be referred to which support the position presented in the series. However it has much more and something new. It presents the tragic consequences of following the evolutionary ideology that we have witnessed since the publication of Darwin’s The Origin of Species. Eugenism, fascism, communism, abortion and many other evils of the past century and a half are shown to stem from the acceptance of evolutionism. This is well documented in the series. Tragically this concerns also the problems currently within the Catholic Church. The acceptance of theistic evolution by Catholic educational institutions is shown to be a disaster.
    The Foundations Restored series should be an obligatory tool for teaching in seminaries and in Catholic schools. It should be made available free online for anyone to study. It can start an orthodox revival in the whole world. I hope it will do so!

    Prof. Maciej Giertych
    BA, MA Oxon, PhD Toronto, DSc Poznań

  18. Martin Kurlich (verified owner)

    Just finished Episode 2. It was excellent – 5 stars.. (Episode 1 was, too, as I recall.) Amazing how the basics of atheistic evolutionary theory were already present thousands of years ago in the words of Epicurus and especially Lucretius. Also, what was chilling were the apparently demonic dreams/visitations experienced by both René Descartes and Teilhard deChardin, both big promoters of evolution.

  19. cmiguelh (verified owner)

    This series sparked a personal intellectual quest to seek the truth about origins and evolution, and to honestly assess the scientific evidence for and against them. I started reading the book “Repairing the Breach” and I am loving it. I’d like to be ready to defend my position against Darwinian evolution, and this is a great resource.

  20. carlos.m.herrera (verified owner)

    The Truth shall set us free. Every time that we announce, teach, proclaim the truth, we are acknowledging Christ himself. Thank you for the team who put this material together. You are doing exactly that.

    I remember as a teenager attending seminars by Jesuit Priests explaining how Big Bang theory and evolution does not contradict with God’s creation. On how “God created the human race as as someone who makes a final vase perfectioning with clay through time”. On how “for God a thousand years is a day”.

    The only problem with that is that is against the first statement of our Catholic Creed: “I believe in God Father the Almighty”.

    I am grateful to you for set me free of a lie that has hold me for decades. May God bless you and protect you.

  21. stevenandannie143 (verified owner)

    As a homeschool mom, I was at a loss as to how to explain the Catholic understanding of evolution to my kids. I had purchased “catholic” books on evolution that were just awful. When we tried Foundations Restored, I absolutely could not believe what I was watching. I had no idea there was so much evidence in favor of Sacred Scripture’s viewpoint on origins! I couldn’t recommend this program to homeschool moms more. Once you watch this, you will be ready to defend the faith and convince your children why they should believe in the Church.

  22. st4nthem4n (verified owner)

    I’m at the 5th episode, so far it is absolutely amazing! Demolishes a lot of misconceptions and truly enlightening. So important especially for clergy and youth to understand these truths of Our Faith

  23. Joseph Egan (verified owner)

    For any Catholic person serious about their conversion, I highly recommend this program, which is very well produced. It has fundamentally altered my views on evolution and Catholic teaching.

  24. jshore1296 (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend this series! It does an excellent job of analyzing the bad philosophy behind the prevailing worldview of our culture today in a lot of different areas. While the scientific episodes are definitely interesting, I think the greatest value is in the first few that analyze Creation from a theological and philosophical perspective. After those, I felt like I was, in a sense, finally able to let go of a problem that has plagued me forever about how to reconcile the scientific consensus about origins with the Faith. I also felt myself growing in awe of what God has done in creating the world in a way that I haven’t experienced before.

    Thank you very much for this series! It’s incredibly thorough and does an excellent job of not just giving a bunch of information, but rather drawing viewers into a deeper relationship with their Creator.

  25. hc.bruus (verified owner)

    I have a masters degree in sociology, and I have worked academically within both the empiricist and social constructivist field of science. I was initially a skeptic, but I must say that I have been persuaded by the very thorough and convincing empirical evidence in this documentary. The vast amount of scientists, and also even evolutionists(!), providing counterclaims to the present paradigm, is staggering.

    It is now apparent that evolutionism, along with marxism, is directly responsible for murdering up to about 2 billion people worldwide.

    Of course the Church is right. It always has been. Always will be.

    I will never look at the sun rising, in the same way again.

  26. michael.fiorillo (verified owner)

    I enjoyed watching the Foundation Restored videos very much and learned a great deal from them. The history laid out for the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative in the first two episodes really brought the missing pieces together of how we got to this point in our history. In terms of science and the interpretation of the data, the animation in Episode IX was an impressive visual perspective of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (CPT). May I suggest for future editions that you include a competing theory called the Hydroplate Theory, by Dr. Walt Brown? It is meticulously documented in his book, In the Beginning, which can be read online. In contrast to CPT, there are many good reasons why the Hydroplate Theory is scientifically the more probable theory. More importantly, it shows that the geological evidence better aligns with the biblical “fountains of the great deep”, with subterranean waters, the uplifting of the Atlantic floor (“the buckling of a plate on and elastic foundation”) and the corresponding subsidence of the western Pacific (arcs and cusps of trenches on a curved surface), to name just a few examples. The 9th Edition of In The Beginning can be found at

  27. zeldenanne (verified owner)

    For about a decade, I accepted biological and cosmic evolution because I genuinely believed the scientific evidence supported it and that it did not rely on an underlying anti-Catholic/theistic worldview. However, this excellent series has led me to honestly change my mind and become an intellectually satisfied young-earth creationist- something I never thought I would say! Foundations Restored takes its viewers through a systematic, detailed, rigorous critique of Darwinian claims from all relevant angles, exposing the entire narrative as a scientific cover for an atheistic, nihilistic worldview. I cannot recommend this series highly enough. Thank you to Hugh Owens and his colleagues for working to restore the foundational dogma of the Holy Catholic faith!

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