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9 reviews for Foundations Restored Series – Online Streaming

  1. Jason Gaskill (verified owner)

    As a convert from atheism, I believe this series could be pivotal in overcoming many obstacles for those who may be interested in the Catholic Faith but are hesitant because of the contradictory claims of many in the modern scientific community. And, as someone who was completely unaware of the Catholic Church’s teachings on Creation, I am pleased to say that Foundations Restored has strengthened my own faith and dispelled many harmful misconceptions.

  2. GuardAmerican (verified owner)


    I have heard many of the arguments in this excellent presentation before, but never so completely, so thoroughly — even astonishingly — presented. I’ve asked a trained geneticist, biologist, and geologist to view the program. All acknowledged Foundations Restored as completely accurate and reliable in its presentations, with the geologist noting newfound discomfort at beliefs he has long held.

    How good is this? I’ve long had problems accepting the “6,000 year” biblical history.

    I don’t, anymore. The arguments supporting the Christian Origin Story are highly credible — from a *scientific* perspective. More so than I ever would have believed.

    I’ve recommended that my parish incorporate this series into their RCIA program. If you have not heard these arguments before, get ready for an eye-opening experience that may very well change the way you view the world, it is that compelling.

    It is a tour de force. Your entire family should watch this presentation, together. Because it is phenomenal.

  3. robertmilan (verified owner)

    Having watched all the videos, this series is not a bunch of crazy fundamentalists pushing the creationist line. This video series uses proven science, philosophy and theology to bring the evolutionary hypothesis to its knees.

    A very well researched and presented series.

    I have recommended Foundations Restored to a number of Catholics.

    Our poor school children have been sold a lie and indoctrinated, all part of a plan to dumb-down our thinking and to view humans as just another species to be disposed of at will. In other words, nothing special about human creation.

    Well this series is convincing and a perfect educational tool to re-wire the thinking of many who have fallen prey to the Cartesian-darwinian lie.

    Great work from the team and thank you for swimming against the tide and for giving us a treasure.

    I loved the series that I ordered both the streaming and hard copy version.

    Do not hesitate to buy, watch and share Foundations Restored.

  4. Jeffory Korson (verified owner)

    I watched the stream version and had to purchase the DVD version also, so I can share this and also use it as a training tool for both CCD classes and for those challenging conversations I have with others in life and at work when they embrace the brainwashing and blind faith in theories that have been proven incorrect time and time again. The structure of the series does very well using documented science to show the theories wrong and also go into not only the errors but where the errors come from and why they were promulgated. Overall rating “Outstanding” and I cannot recommend this enough. It gives the Truth seeker a very good foundation to build upon when combating the modern man mentality built upon deceit.

    God Bless, Viva Cristo Rey!
    Jeff Korson

  5. tenorandsoprano (verified owner)

    Foundations restored is phenomenal!

    I have been very interested in finding various sources of information in opposing the false claims of Darwinian evolution for a few years now.
    What your team have put together here is truly compelling, inspiring and a great hope for the resilience of my home schooled childrens faith going out into the world.

    I pray that it will be seen far and wide and I am personally extremely greatful to everyone who made Foundations restored possible.

    God Bless you all!
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  6. walter.n.odermatt (verified owner)

    I’ve been listening to interesting talks on origins on catholic channels for quite some time and was really looking forward to this series. I liked it very much and will be sharing the content by discussing it with my extended family. Most of them don’t know enough English to watch it for themselves. I liked how deep the program gets into the scientific details. The content is easy to accept for Catholics. I’m not sure if it can be a tool to convert atheists though. One needs to get them thus far that they would spend some time to watch the program. A good trailer geared towards people of no faith but open to facts could be very helpful.
    The only critique I have: All the citations are read by the same person. I don’t have the impression that the narrator deliberately did it, but some of the views came over with a somewhat condescending underline. For example, when the narrator reads a citation mimicking the voice of a woman. Not an issue for the Catholic viewer, but it might hinder the openness of a skeptic for the well-presented facts.
    It would be great if the series could be translated to other languages or at least be provided with subtitles.

  7. colejmj (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this series! FOUNDATIONS RESTORED is simply outstanding. It lays out a solid argument with strong historical, theological, and scientific documentation that the evidence for Darwinian Evolution actually refutes the theory. Like peeling an onion, it shows how society has been duped by the proponents of Darwinism, exposing atheistic roots at every level. This series unravels the layers of lies and distortions and reveals to what extent societal norms and indeed our entire world view has been shaped by the minds of Decartes, Darwin, and others who were hostile to God. Watching the FOUNDATIONS RESTORED series brought to mind my earlier skepticism about Darwinian Evolution, and made me ask why I would seek to limit God: could He not have made everything in an instant? I came to realize that presupposing that development had been slow and gradual is a formula not for explaining how the world and all its creatures came to be, but for eliminating the need for a Creator. Keith Jones was also the producer of another fantastic work, “JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE,” which challenges the Copernican Principle. Together, FOUNDATIONS and JOURNEY unravel a tapestry of deception that spans 5 centuries and has deprived generations of Christians of their faith.


    Thomas V. Cole

  8. stedal63 (verified owner)

    I have just finished viewing the streaming version of the “Foundations Restored” series, which I found a truly remarkable achievement. I have been especially impressed by both its solid scientific background and the deep christian worldview behind it. I really believe it has a great potential for stimulating tech-savvy people to seriously consider the possibility that science and faith are not totally incompatible. That kind of perspective is now lamentably uncommon here in Italy, where the latest advancements in creationist science are basically unknown to almost everybody. I myself, as a traditional catholic with an expertise in electronic engineering, have found several insights provided by the videos quite inspiring.

  9. lisahartpt (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for enlightening us on the falsehood of the theory of evolution, the big bang theory and all the lies fed to us and our children by debunking the unscientific “science” we have learned as truth. My faith, which I always thought was strong, has been strengthened immeasurably, because I now more deeply appreciate God’s immense love and intellect and Omnipotence and all of the greatness of God! How He creates and maintains life, and is intimately involved and connected to us at every moment. I more clearly can see how the false theory of evolution can distance us from our loving Creator, and can cause the loss of faith. It is time to end the deception and return to the Faith of our Fathers.Thank you to all involved in this outstanding work!

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