Foundations Restored Series – DVD set + Online Streaming Access

Foundations Restored Series – DVD set + Online Streaming Access

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Foundations Restored Series – Online Streaming Access and Physical DVD set with spiral bound Teacher’s Guide.

The DVDs are Region-Free (meaning they will play anywhere in the world and are not restricted to one country).

English subtitles are available on both the online streaming and DVD format.

Italian subtitles are available for the online streaming only.

74 in stock

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8 reviews for Foundations Restored Series – DVD set + Online Streaming Access

  1. mryan510 (verified owner)

    As a long time Kolbe Center fan, I was thrilled when the new video series came out and just had to order the Streaming service right away. I also purchased the DVD’s because I plan on facilitating the series at my parish where I am a catechist (adult faith formation and 8th grade Confirmation).

    I was not disappointed, in fact, the entire series is exceptional. I read all of the reviews to date and agree with every one of them. The production quality is first class (thank you Keith Jones). The Icons of Evolution took a thorough thrashing and theistic evolution has been exposed for its glaring errors and inconsistencies. Catholics can once again proudly stand on the shoulders of the Fathers, Doctors and Saints and profess the same doctrine on Creation (the Special Creation/Providence framework) that the Church has professed for more than a millennium.

    For the Thomists out there, the series does an excellent job in demonstrating why St. Thomas Aquinas would have rejected macro evolution, but because this is such a large topic, I would also recommend Fr. Michael Chaberek’s book “Aquinas and Evolution” which thoroughly exposes the major weaknesses of the arguments of the “Thomisitc Evolutionists”.

    I will be promoting the video series everywhere I can.

  2. mjpgmah (verified owner)

    I have been a “young earth creationist” for 39 1/2 years, and JUST discovered the Kolbe Institute in February of 2020. I agree with the points you make, point-by-point. I enjoy the clarity, thoroughness, and authority of your presentations. I especially enjoyed the discussion of the Church’s position on this issue throughout the centuries. I also enjoyed the way that you explain the development of thought in the European arena that laid the foundation for acceptance of this error, and that led to its infiltrating the Church. The period from about 1850 to 1950 at the end of the second presentation was especially enlightening for me. in general, the historical and philosophical explanations that you incorporate are very good, and tend to be missing or truncated in material from other sources. I appreciated the detailed icon-by-icon rebuttal of evolutionary assertions. I think you can do a bit more on the Big Bang and on Geology, but what you have is excellent. I think one of the biggest difficulties is the way that radiometric dating has assumed such an authoritative place in setting the age of the earth. This you countered well, but I always think that more can be done. Finally, the way that you presented the consequences of accepting evolutionary thought (the last 4 presentations) was outstanding. I also was delighted that you mentioned the WIseman hypothesis, as it is the proper response to the JEPD theory. In general, I loved your work. It is by far the best such set of presentations that I have seen–by far. Thank you for the enormous effort you have made in putting this together. I will make as much use of it as I possibly can. Mike Gladieux

  3. lilian.milla (verified owner)

    Thank you for this wonderful work. Such in-depth research and clarity are extremely helpful. I listen to the on-line streaming whenever I can when on the move. Now I’ve received the DVDs! So, at home this is a great tool to spread the Truth for anyone who comes in. It will be on the foreground and background for those who are not directly willing to listen. I cannot thank God enough for this wonderful gift. May God and His Blessed Mother be with you always blessing all your work to change the world for Christ. Thank you for our Faith. I believe!

  4. Patricia Baker (verified owner)

    Having worked in the molecular biology industry, and then as a homeschool mum for 21 years, it had become obvious to me that the evolution hoax was an extremely powerful and important issue that I needed to educate my children on. This is the most comprehensive package available, putting together many fields of information into a wonderfully presented educational tool. I highly recommend using the study guide and reviewing episodes, as there is a lot of important information contained in this series. I also suggest parents do this before presenting it to their high school children. This will enable them to answer questions and get a feel for how the entire series fits together. Well done all and thank you for taking the time to create this incredibly important resource.

  5. jdias.jdias (verified owner)

    This is the most comprehensive Catholic-based curriculum and yet condensed enough to study in 2 weeks.
    As a life-long Catholic, I am grateful to the producers and all those who contributed to making this knowledge available. I always suspected some of the issues discussed and their explanation of the root causes, but I couldn’t find evidence through my own research. So, I always resorted to my faith and that the authors of our Scripture and our Church Fathers and Doctors would never lie to us. Thank God, I trusted them over secular Catholic teachers. As laity this material has helped me focus on how to defend my faith and family.

    I highly recommend all who come across this material to buy it.
    For those looking to buy this, please don’t be surprised to see such a high rating from all reviews. This is truly a game-changer.
    I am amazed that the Kolbe Center has made so much information available at such a reasonable price. This has more material than over 4 years of college/university-level courses.

    I am saddened that much of this information is suppressed in the mainstream Catholic Church, so it is imperative for us laity to learn this ourselves. Our Church Fathers and Doctors have answered all possible questions we have about our Faith through Scriptures and through their theology. Unfortunately, almost all of these have been systematically ejected from our seminaries. So don’t be upset at our priests as they are poorly trained. Hence it is even more necessary for you to study this material for the sake of your soul and the souls of your children.

    This material can be technical at times and rightfully so because they have covered almost all topics such as modernism, rationalism, humanism, communism (socialism), eugenics, darwinism, evolution hypothesis, documentary hypothesis in the required detail. So please be patient and give yourself time to digest this material.
    DON’T forget to impart what you learn from this to youth in your family. It’s our God-given duty to teach our young ones properly in faith.

    Holy Mary, pray for us.
    St. Augustine, pray for us.
    St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.
    St. Maximillian Kolbe, pray for us.

  6. douglasrhill (verified owner)

    I believe in God the Father Creator of Heaven Earth…what does this mean, we say it every Sunday. I think the Kolbe Center’s project Foundations Restored has done a wonderful job explaining the Catholic Faith regarding God as Creator. Sadly, these teachings will seem somehow out of date or no longer current to most Catholics. The enemy has done a masterful job of sowing seeds of confusion and doubt, the recent centuries echo a silent hiss, “did God really say he created the world in six days…” This course is very powerful because before people can understand the truth of God the Creator they need to learn how they have been deceived and how they have been programed to think erroneously. Foundations Restored is a masterful systematic teaching program to restore the lost Catholic Faith in God the Creator. I hope my children and grand children will diligently study this program so that the shadows of deceit may be removed from their eyes and that they might grow in greater love for God the Creator. It is my prayer that Foundations Restored is highly successful in giving God the glory that is his due as Creator of all things.

  7. mk26chad (verified owner)

    Thank you Kolbe Center for producing such a well-researched, systematic refutation of evolution. I especially appreciated that geology, cosmology, patristics, and the historical consequences of evolution were included in this series.

    Online streaming is the most convenient way for an individual to watch this series. However I choose to get the dvd set as well so that I would always have access to the content.

    Anyone who expects to teach this content must get he DVD series and it’s complementary teacher’s guide.

    Thank you


  8. miket_kc (verified owner)

    This is series is priceless! It points us back to our origins. The origins of faith – believing in the Truth as laid out by Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Magisterium. Faith and reason work together but faith comes first.

    Unfortunately with rationalism, Darwinism, and modernism, we have thrown out anything that we cannot comprehend (reason) and we have paid and continue to pay dearly for it! (In the Catholic Church particularly, many bishops, priests and laity are confused and unaware that they are living a life that is essentially void of faith since they have learned that reason “trumps” faith. This kind of “faith” puts trust in self over trust in the Lord and is not faith at all. Lord, help us!)

    This series truly points us back to our foundations and for that I am forever grateful! I cannot recommend it enough!!

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