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Foundations Restored Series – DVD set + Online Streaming Access


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Foundations Restored Series – Online Streaming Access and Physical DVD set with spiral bound Teacher’s Guide.

The DVDs are Region-Free (meaning they will play anywhere in the world and are not restricted to one country).

413 in stock

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1 review for Foundations Restored Series – DVD set + Online Streaming Access

  1. mryan510 (verified owner)

    As a long time Kolbe Center fan, I was thrilled when the new video series came out and just had to order the Streaming service right away. I also purchased the DVD’s because I plan on facilitating the series at my parish where I am a catechist (adult faith formation and 8th grade Confirmation).

    I was not disappointed, in fact, the entire series is exceptional. I read all of the reviews to date and agree with every one of them. The production quality is first class (thank you Keith Jones). The Icons of Evolution took a thorough thrashing and theistic evolution has been exposed for its glaring errors and inconsistencies. Catholics can once again proudly stand on the shoulders of the Fathers, Doctors and Saints and profess the same doctrine on Creation (the Special Creation/Providence framework) that the Church has professed for more than a millennium.

    For the Thomists out there, the series does an excellent job in demonstrating why St. Thomas Aquinas would have rejected macro evolution, but because this is such a large topic, I would also recommend Fr. Michael Chaberek’s book “Aquinas and Evolution” which thoroughly exposes the major weaknesses of the arguments of the “Thomisitc Evolutionists”.

    I will be promoting the video series everywhere I can.

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