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Foundations Restored Series – DVD Package

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Physical DVD set with spiral bound Teacher’s Guide.

The DVDs are Region-Free (meaning they will play anywhere in the world and are not restricted to one country).

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4 reviews for Foundations Restored Series – DVD Package

  1. michael.hemsworth (verified owner)

    It is such a relief, after all these years of ‘de-volution’ to know
    that what we were taught by the nuns so many years ago :
    that the book of Genesis is a true account of creation,
    is actually true.
    Thank you very much for this series.
    I pray that it disseminates rapidly throughout the whole Catholic Church.

    Ave Maria !

  2. Patty Jansen (verified owner)

    After many years of being only able expound, “I do NOT come from a monkey!” when people spoke about evolution, I am so pleased at the quality of scientific facts dissolving the theory of evolution and the well-ordered way in which Foundations Restored has been developed. The concise and simplified explications of scientific jargon and education in regard to the origin of man and the universe that Foundation Restored delivers has brought a great relief and refreshment to my hope and faith. There is no doubt Holy Scripture is 100% Truth despite what the world wants us to believe to the contrary. Without using the technique of indoctrination, the series allows the viewer to intelligently process a myriad of scientific research and orients all the natural sciences back towards sacred Catholic theology through its research. It has been so important to understand where the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church stands with regard to evolution and Special Creation as it is written in Holy Scripture. Thanks to Foundations Restored, ignorance in the boundaries and our true original Catholic beliefs regarding our origins can be placed securely back onto its throne again.

    It is my hope that this incredibly important series be viewed and shared throughout the Catholic Community worldwide. It definitely restored my faulty foundation. It is a profound and exciting DVD series that is also enjoyable to watch!

  3. luzekatie (verified owner)

    Unbelievable. It is an amazing series. My husband and I call it “Discovery Channel Catholic” if there ever was one!
    It is not a boring– monologue with just pictures that is assumed because usually with Catholic informational DVD series there isn’t much for financial support. This is TOP QUALITY, state of the art filmmaking, intriguing education on the TRUE story of creation. Right now, in the Church we are thirsting for truth. Drop everything now, buy this DVD set, for the salvation of yourself and your children. No where else will you find the information, facts, truth and Catholicism that you will find here about the truth of creation.

  4. J M (verified owner)

    This series will seriously shake even the most ardent disbeliever.

    Foundations Restored brilliantly, and thoroughly, exposes evolution as not a science, but a philosophy, and a world view. This idea to most is a ridiculous one: however, to the dismay of the hostile viewer, one of the great strengths of the series is that you are not even allowed to be tempted with a, ‘well that’s just what you think’ mindset, as they quote so many experts, the vast majority being evolutionists, in readily recognizable secular publications, that show the individual points about the science to not only be logical, but stated in official scientific journals, many in direct contradiction of what you were taught in high school! So many in fact, that I wish now that I had kept a tally of all the scientists quoted. The length of the series may seem daunting, but if it wasn’t long it could not contain such a thorough discussion; furthermore, if it was only 1 and a half hours long, you may be tempted to disregard it off hand, as simply being too short to be serious. Indeed, if you are hostile to this idea, I hope you take this as a personal, yet friendly, challenge to be brave enough to test your outlook.

    The discussion on human evolution is incredibly exact. I’ve seen another documentary, which was very good, but when it came to the evolution of man, they focused primarily upon Neandertal, and whereas it was good they hardly touched on any other ‘link.’ This series, to my great admiration, focuses about 2 hours on the subject, and knowing that most people know that neandertal man is easily identified as fully human, spend minimum time on him, and spend the time on not only every single member of the currently held sequence, but then discuss the alternative sequences that other evolutionists are attempting to construct, to save the theory. All backed up by the scientific literature. Similarly, the episode on the flood, and Genetics (and indeed all topics) will be a shock to most viewers, as most people have never heard the overwhelming evidence for the Great Flood, nor of Genetic Entropy, which if either are true, completely and utterly, demolish the theory of evolution.

    This series is absolutely a must have for anyone that actually cares what they believe, in fact, if one wanted to understand the truth on the matter it could be done solely with this series, and greatly backed up with the book ‘Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol.2 Living Fossils.’
    I have read a number of books on this subject, seen a number of documentaries, and seen/listened to many presentations from popular organizations online, and whereas credits to the scientists, and their works, that have made this series possible, such as Dr. Sanford, go where they go, this series, is clearly the crowning achievement of Creationism.

    Note For Parents: Episode XII is important, but not for young ears.

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