Foundations Restored Series – DVD Package

Foundations Restored Series – DVD Package


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Physical DVD set with spiral bound Teacher’s Guide.

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544 in stock

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18 reviews for Foundations Restored Series – DVD Package

  1. michael.hemsworth (verified owner)

    It is such a relief, after all these years of ‘de-volution’ to know
    that what we were taught by the nuns so many years ago :
    that the book of Genesis is a true account of creation,
    is actually true.
    Thank you very much for this series.
    I pray that it disseminates rapidly throughout the whole Catholic Church.

    Ave Maria !

  2. Patty Jansen (verified owner)

    After many years of being only able expound, “I do NOT come from a monkey!” when people spoke about evolution, I am so pleased at the quality of scientific facts dissolving the theory of evolution and the well-ordered way in which Foundations Restored has been developed. The concise and simplified explications of scientific jargon and education in regard to the origin of man and the universe that Foundation Restored delivers has brought a great relief and refreshment to my hope and faith. There is no doubt Holy Scripture is 100% Truth despite what the world wants us to believe to the contrary. Without using the technique of indoctrination, the series allows the viewer to intelligently process a myriad of scientific research and orients all the natural sciences back towards sacred Catholic theology through its research. It has been so important to understand where the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church stands with regard to evolution and Special Creation as it is written in Holy Scripture. Thanks to Foundations Restored, ignorance in the boundaries and our true original Catholic beliefs regarding our origins can be placed securely back onto its throne again.

    It is my hope that this incredibly important series be viewed and shared throughout the Catholic Community worldwide. It definitely restored my faulty foundation. It is a profound and exciting DVD series that is also enjoyable to watch!

  3. luzekatie (verified owner)

    Unbelievable. It is an amazing series. My husband and I call it “Discovery Channel Catholic” if there ever was one!
    It is not a boring– monologue with just pictures that is assumed because usually with Catholic informational DVD series there isn’t much for financial support. This is TOP QUALITY, state of the art filmmaking, intriguing education on the TRUE story of creation. Right now, in the Church we are thirsting for truth. Drop everything now, buy this DVD set, for the salvation of yourself and your children. No where else will you find the information, facts, truth and Catholicism that you will find here about the truth of creation.

  4. J M (verified owner)

    This series will seriously shake even the most ardent disbeliever.

    Foundations Restored brilliantly, and thoroughly, exposes evolution as not a science, but a philosophy, and a world view. This idea to most is a ridiculous one: however, to the dismay of the hostile viewer, one of the great strengths of the series is that you are not even allowed to be tempted with a, ‘well that’s just what you think’ mindset, as they quote so many experts, the vast majority being evolutionists, in readily recognizable secular publications, that show the individual points about the science to not only be logical, but stated in official scientific journals, many in direct contradiction of what you were taught in high school! So many in fact, that I wish now that I had kept a tally of all the scientists quoted. The length of the series may seem daunting, but if it wasn’t long it could not contain such a thorough discussion; furthermore, if it was only 1 and a half hours long, you may be tempted to disregard it off hand, as simply being too short to be serious. Indeed, if you are hostile to this idea, I hope you take this as a personal, yet friendly, challenge to be brave enough to test your outlook.

    The discussion on human evolution is incredibly exact. I’ve seen another documentary, which was very good, but when it came to the evolution of man, they focused primarily upon Neandertal, and whereas it was good they hardly touched on any other ‘link.’ This series, to my great admiration, focuses about 2 hours on the subject, and knowing that most people know that neandertal man is easily identified as fully human, spend minimum time on him, and spend the time on not only every single member of the currently held sequence, but then discuss the alternative sequences that other evolutionists are attempting to construct, to save the theory. All backed up by the scientific literature. Similarly, the episode on the flood, and Genetics (and indeed all topics) will be a shock to most viewers, as most people have never heard the overwhelming evidence for the Great Flood, nor of Genetic Entropy, which if either are true, completely and utterly, demolish the theory of evolution.

    This series is absolutely a must have for anyone that actually cares what they believe, in fact, if one wanted to understand the truth on the matter it could be done solely with this series, and greatly backed up with the book ‘Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol.2 Living Fossils.’
    I have read a number of books on this subject, seen a number of documentaries, and seen/listened to many presentations from popular organizations online, and whereas credits to the scientists, and their works, that have made this series possible, such as Dr. Sanford, go where they go, this series, is clearly the crowning achievement of Creationism.

    Note For Parents: Episode XII is important, but not for young ears.

  5. Craig Moran (verified owner)

    I knew a lot of the information contained, believe it or not, from a Baptist preacher from more than two decades ago. As a lifelong Catholic, I wondered to myself, “Why haven’t Catholics gotten into this fight against Modernism?” With the Baptist approach, I had to do a lot of “chewing up the meat and spitting out the bones.” This was exactly what I was seeking. I cannot stress enough the importance of the astounding revelations within this video series for those that are not awake to the truth. There are no “bones” to spit out. There is pure truth contained within, cited beautifully throughout. In short, watch this video series and spread it far and wide. You will not regret it. This is pure gold.

  6. Michael Kost (verified owner)

    This series is PROFOUND! There’s information here that’s just shocking. And they use real science even the evolutionists own science, and just shred every argument for evolution and all that goes hand in hand with it. Everybody NEEDS to see this! Especially if you have kids who’ve swallowed the evolutionists mantra hook line and sinker. I can’t rave about this series enough. If you have kids and relatives that have completely fallen away from The Faith or have a very Relativistic World View, they need to see this. As hard as it may be to get the people who desperately need to see this may be, get this and do all you can to open them up to watching it all the way through just once. If you’ve been despairing over the course the country and the world is on. Get this. It explains why things are the way they are. It also explains where we are headed. And what we might be able to do about it.

  7. idahomalley (verified owner)

    I am very grateful to the Kolbe Center & Restoring Truth Ministries for making this information available as a documentary. The Kolbe Center’s resources were pivotal in helping me to unlearn the falsehoods that I was taught about Holy Scripture, especially Genesis, at a nominally Catholic college. I am very glad to be able to give this to friends and family who are more likely to watch this series than to read a book on the subject!

  8. John J. Tobak (verified owner)

    Foundations Restored is a wonderful set of DVDs. Not only do we have a young earth, but a young universe! Evolution is bunk!

  9. Chris DeVos (verified owner)

    You want your children to stay in the Faith- You want your children to follow the moral precepts of the Catholic Church and work for Christ and his One True Church- then help catechize them in the Catholic doctrines of creation. The DVDs in Foundations Restored can help communicate these Catholic doctrines in ways that have not been available before- ever. Watch and enjoy and then watch and enjoy again! The doctrines of creation are the doctrines of Christ and His Catholic Church, and they bring light to so many other Catholic doctrines.

    In paragraph 17 of St. Pius X’s 1905 encyclical, Acerbo Nimis (On Teaching Christian Doctrine), the saintly Pope states,

    “17. What We have said so far demonstrates the supreme importance of religious instruction. We ought, therefore, to do all that lies in our power to maintain the teaching of Christian doctrine with full vigor, and where such is neglected, to restore it; for in the words of Our Predecessor, Benedict XIV, ‘There is nothing more effective than catechetical instruction to spread the glory of God and to secure the salvation of souls.'”

    So, following both Pope St. Pius X and Pope Benedict XIV, who are quoted above, work to do all in your power to maintain the Catholic doctrine. As the bodily incorrupt Pope Pius X states, work where Catholic doctrine and teaching have been neglected, “to restore it”.

    Restore these Catholic doctrines of creation with Foundations Restored and help secure the salvation of souls!

  10. Cynthia Getgen (verified owner)

    Cynthia Getgen ( verified owner) Jan 4,2021
    Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I was steeped in Darwinian Evolutionary teaching in the public schools and church I attended. This caused great doubt and confusion as I read the Bible.
    The Foundation Restored series, which I have completed in it’s entirety, has given me the TRUTH desperately needed.
    The dark matter in my mind has been replaced with the LIGHT of the Traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation.
    As I now read the Holy Scriptures, I am convicted of the Absolute Truth contained within from Genesis to Revelation.
    The GRATITUDE I have is ETERNAL.
    Thank you to ALL who brought this series to the Laity Little.

  11. BFC (verified owner)

    After totally frustrating discussions with an atheist relative (over about 30 years), it became obvious his entire life and the way he saw everything was based on a complete acceptance of Darwin’s theory (as taught @ Yale in the 1930’s). I became aware this was responsible for tremendous destruction of religion and morality not only in this person but the world & history. That led me to a study of the science behind the theory and the catechesis of the Bible. Unfortunately, there was very little solid information back then to refute a PhD atheist scientist. God has allowed a lot more information to come to light in the past decades but still catechesis of the Bible is a serious problem.

    I appreciate having a work like Foundations Restored because of the detail of information, which can be used as a reference. (I have so far listened up to episode IX) Now, we need to turn our attention to the Bible as a source of truth and be able to reconcile it with the obstacles seen by young people today.

    For example, the Bible teaches two of every type of animal on the earth (to include birds) was brought into the ark. In years past, trying to work out the dimensions of the ark, it seemed not to be larger than a second world war liberty ship. We can already see an impossibility here unless we bring in divine intervention in the storage of animals. This is based on there being no evolution (before or after the flood) and the statement of no new creation after the sixth day.

    It seems to me God has allowed better information and understanding in recent times often in the form of things we should have known all along. Could this lack of understanding have been allowed as a result of sin & will further understanding be given by the mercy of God?
    Thank you,

  12. eoinoconnor741 (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this series (along with the accompanying teacher’s guide) strongly enough.
    This series not only clearly shows how false and contrary to science, Darwin’s ideas are but even more importantly reveals how this lie has contaminated (and in many cases destroyed) so many aspects of science, philosophy and theology – sometimes in the most subtle of ways.
    The series also reveals how darwinism was the ‘scientific justification’ used to ‘legitimise’ most of the worst atrocities in the recent past such as Nazism, Communism, abortion, racism, abuse of the handicapped as well as many other examples.

    This series is essential viewing for all those wishing to study philosophy, theology or indeed any of the natural sciences as it will help the viewer purify their minds of this lie which has influenced so many aspects of the modern world, often in such subtle and hidden ways.
    As someone who once thought that being a practicing a catholic and believing in evolution were compatible I now realise I was wrong.
    The TRUTH has set me free, my prayer is that it will set you free too!

  13. Brian O’Connell, Oblatus, O.S.B. (verified owner)

    This is THE BEST catechetical DVD instructional video collection tha I have seen in 53 years. I was improperly catechised in my youth, served over 500 novus ordo masses and funerals as an altar boy and attended “catechism: in the 70’s-80’s. I got a copy of the 1945 Missal and fell in love with the Latin Mass. It would have been much simpler back then with these DVDs. If you are truly interested in learning then living THE CATHOLIC FAITH, buy these DVDs and watch them with your family, friends, and fellow Catholics.

  14. ransaldi (verified owner)

    Bought the DVD collection. All is beautifully done, from the box to the content. The quality of the content, imagery, edition, etc. have great production.
    The content itself is a very well laid out explanation of the Traditional Church teachings, next to the current science validating the Faith and the errors of main stream science, both on the scientific and philosophical aspects.
    My only regret is not buying it earlier.
    The DVDs/episodes are about 1 hour long, logically structured.

  15. Carol Fontana (verified owner)

    This video series contains all that anyone could ever want to know about the creation / evolution issue from a truly Catholic perspective. Coming to believe in a historical / literal Genesis opens one’s eyes to the truth and beauty of the Traditional Catholic faith! Therefore, this video series can also be used as an evangelization tool! This is the 3rd set I’ve purchased; I gave one set to my God son who was going to show it to his college classmates and another to a priest who was going to use it for catechism class. Thank you for unveiling the false claims of modern science and promoting the True Faith!

  16. wheeler.cliff (verified owner)

    Excellent production. This dvd series does a great job of getting to the root of the problem of lack of faith in our western societies. I hope one day this production becomes required watching in our public and catholic schools.

  17. Eric (verified owner)

    I don’t think I could stress enough the importance of this video series in exposing the lies rationalism, naturalism, and Darwinism ( all modernism) have spread throughout the years. They’ve infected most of western society and the sadly the Church. Thankfully Foundations Restored has accepted the mission to show what the Church actually believes and that it does NOT endorse evolution. After watching these I’m convinced that the errors Our Lady said Russia would spread is Darwinism and the the like. These ideologies seek to deny Gods authority and the reality of man being made in Gods image.

    To seek the truth is to seek Christ! To seek Christ is to seek His Catholic Church.

    Purchase this series. Have a watch party with friends and family. Start spreading the good news that we are not made in the image of chimps! Fight the lies!

    God bless!

  18. brian.nixon (verified owner)

    Very well done! This is a well researched, organised and comprehensive treatment of a topic of extreme moment. I highly recommend it.

    I had been looking for something like this – a tool to put concrete facts and figures; scientific, historic and (Catholic) theological rigour, to what I already know, so I can better disseminate it. Even among Catholics I’ve been looked at like a circus freak for not believing in Darwinism.

    I think we’re in a predominantly spiritual battle. This and other material from the Kolbe Center is useful to inform and encourage those who are humble and open to the truth, but will do nothing of itself for hard hearts. I’ve seen some of the most convincing parts of this series fail to affect supposedly hardcore Catholics. Prayer and fasting it is, then.

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