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As the devil strives to immerse and drown the world in darkness and confusion under the guise of science, and as he savagely launches his attacks on the pivotal doctrines of Holy Mother Church, the “Foundations Restored” DVD series casts a bright light which exposes and defeats the camouflaged lie of the Devil. The series offers logical, scientific, philosophical and theological arguments which not only restore the “Creation Providence” account to its proper place, but also liberate the whole realm of natural science from the grasp of its evolutionist hijackers. I therefore recommend the DVD series “Foundations Restored” without reservation for circulation in the public domain so as to combat error and to proclaim the reign of TRUTH.
Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok, Bishop of the Diocese of Lira, Uganda
The science presented in this series needs to be carefully considered in any program of science or biology which is presented in our Catholic Schools. I look forward to the completion of the entire series.
Bishop Robert F. Vasa, Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California
"Foundations Restored" is a must see for any Catholic, whether clergy or lay person, who seeks the truth about what the Church has always taught in regard to Genesis and the origins of man and the universe. In today’s anti-life culture more than ever, it is paramount that Catholics trust Divine Revelation over scientific speculation.
Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, LifeMinistriesUS
I heartily recommend the DVD series “Foundations Restored,” and I am grateful to God and to the Kolbe Center for this powerful means to bring the truth to souls. As the apocalyptic dragon continues to wage war against the truth proclaimed for centuries by Christ’s Bride, the very foundations of our Faith are threatened by the all-pervasive lie of evolution. Hugh Owen and his colleagues simply and deftly debunk the evolutionary myth, restoring natural science to its proper position as the humble handmaid of Divine Truth.
Mother Abbess Cecilia, Benedictines of Mary, Gower, Missouri
The pervasiveness of the theory of evolution cannot be due to its merits because it fails the test of science, logic and metaphysics (to name just three disciplines). Could it continue to gain adherents from a fear of love? The Kolbe Center does a great service in its new DVD series "Foundations Restored" by explaining the impossibility of evolution and more importantly by inviting us to the Love of God revealed in the Creation account in Genesis.
Kathy Sinnott, former Member of the European Parliament for the Republic of Ireland and Co-Foundress of Newman College Ireland


Hugh Owen
Hugh OwenExecutive Producer

Hugh Owen is the convert son of Sir David Owen, the first Secretary General of International Planned Parenthood Federation.  After entering the Catholic Church as a freshman at Princeton University at the age of 18, Hugh served as a teacher, headmaster, and director of religious education for many years before becoming the director of the John Paul II Institute of Christian Spirituality and the founder and director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation.  The Kolbe Center provides a forum for Catholic theologians, philosophers and natural scientists who defend the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation as a much better explanation of all of the facts of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Magisterial teaching and natural science than theistic evolution.   Hugh and his wife Maria have been blessed with nine living children (two of whom are Benedictine sisters) and sixteen grandchildren (so far!) and live in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  Hugh is also a member of the newly-established John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family.

John Wynne
John WynneExecutive Producer

John Wynne is the Director of Restoring Truth Ministries, an apostolate founded in 1999 to study the war of worldviews and to help address the underlying causes of the crisis of faith: rationalism and evolutionism.  He has authored four books: Repairing the Breach, A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory, The Catholic Teaching on Scriptural Inerrancy, and The Fall of Darwin’s Last Icon and the Failure of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative.  He has worked closely with the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation since 2009 by helping to organize the Kolbe Center’s annual conferences and by speaking at a number of Kolbe Center events in the United States and in Europe.  He holds four college degrees and has traveled to more than 40 countries in his primary career as an energy economist and socio-economist.

Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD
Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhDPriest, Exorcist, Author & Speaker

Fr. Chad Ripperger is a theologian, Thomistic psychologist, and author, with a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Ordained in 1997, Fr. Ripperger served for several years as a professor of Dogmatic and Moral Theology and Philosophy at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska. He currently works in the Archdiocese of Denver. His published works include Introduction to the Science of Mental Health, The Binding Force of Holy Tradition, The Metaphysics of Evolution, The Principle of the Integral Good, and The Morality of the Exterior Act in the Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Fr. Victor P. Warkulwiz, M.S.S.
Fr. Victor P. Warkulwiz, M.S.S.Priest, Physicist & Theologian

Fr. Victor P. Warkulwiz (d. 2019) received a Ph.D. in physics from Temple University in 1974. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Warkulwiz went to work for the Central Intelligence Agency as a physical scientist/intelligence officer, where he specialized in ballistic missile systems. From there he went on to Magdalen College to teach science and mathematics in a “great books” program. Dr. Warkulwiz then returned to the Washington, D.C. area to work for aerospace consultant firms. He worked at Quest Research Corporation, where he did a study of dynamic infrared imaging and at ANSER Corporation, where he specialized in space technology. While at ANSER, Dr. Warkulwiz heard the call to the priesthood. In preparing for the priesthood, Fr. Victor received an M.Div. from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD and an M.A. in theology from Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, CT.  Fr. Victor was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1991. He was a member of the Missionary Priests of the Blessed Sacrament and has helped hundreds of parishes in the U.S. and elsewhere to start or maintain perpetual Eucharistic adoration. He was named national director of the Apostolate for Perpetual Eucharist Adoration in October 1998 and theological reviewer for the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation in 2001. He was profiled in the 2003 and 2004 editions of Who’s Who in America.

Fr. Thomas Hickey
Fr. Thomas HickeyPriest & Former Seminary Instructor

Fr. Thomas Hickey spent over twenty-five years of his life as a Baptist minister.  Compelled by the undeniable witness of history and the inescapable conclusions of Scripture, Fr. Hickey resigned his ministry and was received into full communion with the Catholic Church in 2002.  To his great surprise, he was given an opportunity to study for the priesthood at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, CT, with the Archdiocese of Hartford.  In May of 2010 he was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Henry Mansell.  He has served many happy years at St. Paul and St. Augustine churches in Glastonbury, CT, and as Pastor of St. Stephen Church and School in Hamden, CT, while teaching Sacred Scripture at Holy Apostles Seminary.

Fr. Shannon Collins, MSJB
Fr. Shannon Collins, MSJBPriest & Pastor

Fr. Shannon Collins was born in 1964 and is a native of Cohasset, Massachusetts. After undergraduate and graduate work in history and education, he taught in Catholic schools for a number of years. In 1993, Father Shannon entered religious life and eventually became a member of a religious community of Pontifical Right. Having completed his seminary training at St. Philip Neri Seminary in Toronto, Ontario, he was ordained to the holy priesthood on June 10, 2000.  He has appeared on EWTN and previously served as chaplain for the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama. He has preached retreats and parish missions throughout North America. Father is currently a traditional religious priest under Bishop Roger Foys of Covington, Kentucky. He is the pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Personal Parish which acts as an ecclesial home for those attached to the Traditional Latin Mass. He is also a co-founder of the Missionaries of St. John the Baptist, a religious community in formation in the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky.

Fr. Kevin S. Barrett
Fr. Kevin S. BarrettPriest & Pastor

Fr. Kevin S. Barrett is currently the pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Casper, WY, in the Diocese of Cheyenne. He also spent 23 years as Chaplain of the Apostolate for Family Consecration in Bloomingdale, OH. He was ordained by Pope St. John Paul II in 1992, and received his baccalaureate degree in sacred theology from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, and a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from the University of Notre Dame with post graduate studies in counseling from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Dr. Wolfgang Smith, PhD
Dr. Wolfgang Smith, PhDMathematican, Physicist & Philosopher

Wolfgang Smith is a physicist and mathematician (A.B., Cornell, M.S., Purdue, Ph.D., Columbia) by profession.  He has made it his life’s work to expose the mythical nature of the contemporary “scientific” worldview, in the hope of opening doors officially “bolted” since the Enlightenment.   Despite the “politically incorrect” tenor of his writings, he has become widely recognized as one of the foremost authors to offer a critique of modern science in light of traditional metaphysics.

Dr. John Sanford, PhD
Dr. John Sanford, PhDGeneticist & Author

Dr. John Sanford, PhD is presently a Courtesy Associate Professor at Cornell, President of Logos Research Associates, and President of Feed My Sheep Foundation.  As a Cornell University professor, John has conducted genetic research for over 30 years. This research has resulted in more than 100 scientific publications, and several dozen patents. In addition to producing numerous new crop varieties, John's research resulted in new genetic engineering technologies.  Since the year 2000 John has focused his efforts on genetic research which helps validate the Biblical perspective regarding human genetic history.  John feels his most significant contributions to science have been: 1) the Biolistic Process; 2) the book Genetic Entropy; 3) Development of Mendel's Accountant (the most advanced and biologically realistic numerical simulation of the mutation/selection process); and 4) a recent Cornell symposium of which he was the lead organizer and subsequently editor of the published proceedings entitled Biological Information--New Perspectives.

Dr. Thomas Seiler, PhD
Dr. Thomas Seiler, PhDPhycisist

Dr. Thomas H. Seiler, PhD was born in 1972 in Freiburg/Breisgau in Germany. He graduated in physics at the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, with his diploma thesis on the topic: “Measurement of γ-Production during Compton-Scattering of Quasi-Real Photons at CERN.” He received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Physics at the Technical University of Munich, writing on: “Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells.” Currently, he is working as a development engineer in the field of electrochemical gas sensors.

Dr. James P. McCullough, M.D.
Dr. James P. McCullough, M.D.Pathologist

Dr. James P. McCullough, M.D., is a Board-Certified Physician in the practice of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.  He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Wichita State University in 1976.   He completed his medical school and specialty training at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1983.  He has been in practice for 35 years and is currently the Medical Director of the Laboratory at Providence Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.  He and his wife, Leslie, have six children and nine grandchildren.

Dr. Kevin Mark, D.M.D.
Dr. Kevin Mark, D.M.D.Catholic Convert & Speaker

Dr. Kevin Mark, D.M.D., attended the University of Winnipeg for three years, majoring in biochemistry before being accepted into the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry, from which he graduated in 2005.  Dr. Mark has long had a keen interest in the creation/evolution debate, and, after discovering the Kolbe Centre for the Study of Creation and the traditional teaching of the Church on creation, he was able to join the Catholic Church in good conscience.  Dr. Mark is the director of the Kolbe Centre Canada and has presented on the traditional Catholic doctrine of Creation internationally.  He and his family reside in Killarney, Manitoba, Canada.

Pamela Acker
Pamela AckerMolecular Biologist & Instructor

Pamela Acker holds a Master's degree in Biology from The Catholic University of America.  She has taught science in a variety of settings (from middle school to college) since 2008.  Prior to working as a teacher, Pamela was involved in biological research as a whole genome library maker at The Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University in Saint Louis.  She has also conducted research in vaccine delivery using T4 bacteriophage nanoparticles, and was briefly involved in researching novel gene regulation mechanisms in C. elegans.

Rachel Jones
Rachel JonesGeophysical & Geospatial Engineer

Rachel Jones is a Geophysical and Geospatial Engineer with research interests in Rock Mechanics, Subsurface Hydrology, Contaminant Fate and Transport, Photogrammetry, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and Humanitarian Remote Sensing for Disaster Mitigation.  Her current research is developing Remote Sensing methods for shallow subsurface investigations.

Pedro Aguado
Pedro AguadoEngineer

Pedro Aguado received a science degree in Computer Engineering at Tampa Technical Institute and has studied math, business and project management at Marist College, New York, University of Phoenix and University of Texas. He has worked as an engineer in the semiconductor industry developing microchips for IBM where he worked in a SEM lab specialized in deep trench, reactive Ion etch and chemical vapor deposition developing mainframe computer micro-chips. Later he worked on the Pentium project with Intel as a plasma equipment specialist and has traveled the world qualifying reactors for major chip manufacturers. Currently he is studying philosophy and theology at the University of Domuni and speaks on creation and theological topics.

Bernie Webb
Bernie WebbFormer Secular Humanist

Bernie Webb is a Catholic convert and a former secular humanist.  He is actively involved in a number of Catholic apostolates, including several involved with worldview education and prolife issues. He has worked closely with Restoring Truth Ministries since his conversion and is active in his local parish with Dee, his wife. Bernie has worked in the information technology industry for most of his professional career.